Same Day Crowns

Same-Day Crowns Available at Mission Viejo Smiles

Crowns and other restorations may take weeks before the final product is bonded and placed onto your tooth. At Mission Viejo Smiles, we provide same-day crowns utilizing our in-office lab and CEREC® machine. These custom crowns are created in one appointment, allowing us to restore your smile more efficiently. When you need treatment for decay or dental trauma, rely on the expertise of Dr. Wilson and his staff to create tooth-colored restorations for patients in Ladera Ranch, Nellie Gail Ranch, and Laguna Niguel.  We deliver custom same-day crowns to restore patient’s dental function and esthetics. Contact our practice today to schedule an appointment. 

Benefits of Same-Day Crowns 

Restorations are a conservative treatment option that preserves a tooth’s healthy structure. Dr. Wilson is experienced in using CEREC and other dental technologies to enhance our patient’s crowns. Made from a solid block of porcelain, these restorations look and feel like natural teeth. Aside from being resilient against wear and tear, our same-day CEREC crowns offer many benefits such as:

- Healthier Gums 
- Restored Dental Function
- Resistant to Staining
- Blends Seamlessly with the Smile 

Whether you’re looking to restore your teeth due to damage or are scheduled for a root canal procedure, our crowns help retain the structure of your natural tooth. Aesthetically pleasing, these restorations retain your bite structure and allow you to eat and chew comfortably. Patients can visit our practice for their treatment and leave with a brand new restoration is a single visit, instead of waiting for weeks. The advanced dental technology expedites treatment and helps us get patients back to daily activities in less time.  

Same-Day Crowns with CEREC in Mission Viejo Smiles

Same-day crown treatment is provided utilizing the latest in dental technology, to ensure effective results and a perfect fit. Your treatment begins with a diagnosis on whether you need root canal treatment or more extensive cosmetic dental work due to damage to the tooth structure. Once we determine the best-recommended treatment, we take digital impressions of your smile using the CEREC machine. These 3D images are then sent to our in-office lab and used for the design and fabrication of your restoration. Dr. Wilson ensures the crowns shade matches your natural smile and utilizes a dental laser to prepare your tooth to be crowned. Dental lasers offer an efficient and effective way of altering tooth structure. Once the tooth is prepped and the final restoration completed, your dentist places the crown on the tooth and it is polished for a smooth, seamless fit. 
Dr. Wilson and our staff take the time to ensure your comfort when receiving same-day crowns in our Mission Viejo practice, answering any questions and taking treatment at your pace. 

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Avoid weeks of waiting for your final restoration with same-day crowns Mission Viejo Smiles. For more information about our treatment options, contact our dental practice today, to schedule an appointment. 

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