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Enhance Your Smile with Expert Veneer Services

enhanced smile with porcelain veneers mission viejoIf you have chipped, crooked, or discolored teeth, Mission Viejo Smiles has you covered. We offer porcelain veneers to improve your smile and boost your self-esteem. Whether you need to enhance the shape, size, or color of your teeth, our team is here to help. Dr. Joseph W. Wilson is happy to discuss your cosmetic options and help you redesign your smile.

Veneers are wafer-thin shells that cover the surfaces of your teeth to enhance your smile. They complement your overall appearance. At Mission Viejo Smiles, we are always ready to help you meet your smile goals. If you live or work in Mission Viejo or any of the surrounding communities, reach out to us today and schedule your consultation!


What Types of Problems Can Veneers Fix?

If you are looking to fix your smile, here are some of the various dental issues that veneers can help fix:

  • Covering chips and cracks
  • Filling unwanted gaps between teeth
  • Too small or too large teeth
  • Minor alignment issues
  • Severe tooth discoloration

While whitening is the first solution that comes to mind whenever discolored teeth are mentioned, teeth whitening might not be effective in cases where discoloration resulted from an injury or use of certain medications.

The Process of Getting Veneers

process matching veneers to your teethGetting veneers is considered a noninvasive, fast process for achieving an appealing smile. Here is how the process works:

  • The first visit is a pre-consultation with Dr. Wilson. He will thoroughly examine your mouth and listen carefully to your concerns to understand what you are trying to achieve. We will help you see your future smile with a special software so you can choose the best fit from all of your smile options.
  • Once you agree on the smile design you want, we will fabricate a composite veneer to for a trial period. With this, you can experience the look and feel of veneers before getting your permanent ones.
  • We will prep your tooth or teeth to affix your temporary veneers. This is done by lightly buffing a thin layer of enamel to ensure an ideal fit with your natural teeth. Dr. Wilson is very conservative and will make sure to leave most of your natural tooth structure intact.
  • The second and final appointment is when your custom porcelain veneers are ready to be placed.

Do Veneers Ruin My Teeth?

Porcelain veneers are a permanent option to improve the look of your smile. The process does remove some natural tooth enamel to make sure your veneers line up with the rest of your smile. The porcelain material protects the prepared area from decay.

Benefits of Porcelain Veneers

Below are five benefits of porcelain veneers:

  1. You Don’t Have to Use Veneers for All Your Front Teeth - You can choose to treat one or more of your teeth, based on your preference. Our team is flexible and will work with your needs and budget. Dr. Wilson will discuss the final smile design you like before proceeding with the procedure.
  2. Veneers are Permanent - They are irreversible. Once affixed with dental cement to the surfaces of your teeth, veneers become part of your smile.
  3. They are Durable - Veneers can last long if you give them proper care. All you need to do is brush and floss the same way you care for your natural teeth. They can last for up to fifteen years if you are careful when on biting hard or crunchy foods.
  4. Veneers Don’t Stain - Made of porcelain, veneers are stain-resistant. Their color is consistent over the years, providing you with a bright smile long-term.
  5. You are Allowed a Trial Period - While your permanent veneers are being prepared, we provide you with temporary composite ones. Consider this a trial period to help you experience how veneers will feel before the final process. You can also take pictures and see if you like your new smile and let us know if you need any changes.

The Best Cosmetic Services in Town

Our talented staff has the skill and experience to give your smile a boost with veneers. We use advanced dental techniques to help improve the strength and appearance of your teeth. We recognize that your smile is unique. Thus, we make sure to personalize our services to fit your specific needs.

We are located in Mission Viejo at the corner of Medical Center Rd. & Margarita Parkway and are looking forward to hearing from you. Call to Schedule your visit today!


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